Can Hypnosis Help Your Golf Swing?

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Much of what we do in clinical hypnotherapy involves making changes in order to bring health and healing to our clients, but hypnotherapy has another use that brings smiles to the faces of many–as an aid in enhancing sports performance.
Much of what goes on in playing any sport involves what is going on between your ears.  Golf is a perfect example of this.  It is not unusual for a professional golfer to be disturbed during his or her swing by a noise–however innocent–from the gallery.  With potentially millions of dollars riding on each swing of the club, such a disturbance (and the resulting mis-hit) may be significant indeed.  Even for the everyday golfer–or tennis player, swimmer, volleyball player, baseball player, footballer, etc.–the mental game is a key aspect of success.  The best players are not only physically gifted; they also have a handle on the mental side of things, knowing that having the right mindset is critical to success.
There are many things that can interfere with the mindset in sports performance.  Some of these are exterior to the individual–an inopportune noise, a stiff wind, rainy conditions, or anything that distracts the performer from her or his task.  Many more such factors are already inside the mind–negative thoughts, distracting thoughts, emotional upset, fears, and insecurities.  It is these distractions in particular that respond well to hypnotherapy by a trained and certified hypnotherapist.  In many cases the distracting thoughts are obvious, but in just as many the problem may not lie on the surface, but in the subconscious mind of the individual who must perform.  Again, the hypnotherapist is skilled at uncovering such thoughts.
Do you suffer from a performance difficulty?  Hypnotherapy is especially effective in dealing with distracting or disturbing thoughts that may hamper performance.  It can also help you sharpen focus for those times when intense focus is required.  If you’re stuck performance-wise–or you know someone who is–call us today for a free phone consultation.  We stand ready to help!  904-347-5677 or  

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