But HOW Does Hypnosis Work? (Part 3)

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In our previous discussions, we have learned a bit about what happens in the mind of a hypnotherapy subject during the process of hypnosis.  Remember, however, that every mind is unique, and the best we can do is speak broadly about the process of hypnosis for people in general.

We have seen that suggestions offered to subjects who are in a hypnotic trance (relaxed and focused, but not necessarily asleep) are often adopted by the subject, assuming that the suggestions are normally agreeable to that subject.  This then results in a change of behavior or attitude–or both.  But just how long will this changed behavior or attitude last?

To answer this, let’s consider the subject of the post-hypnotic suggestion, that is, a suggestion given to the subject during hypnosis that will show itself later, after the hypnosis session is done.  For example, if a client is hoping to find some lost article in her home, I may give her the suggestion that “as soon as you walk in the door of your house, you will instantly remember where