Blame it on Hypnosis!

Have you ever noticed that whenever something strange, unusual, or simply mind-bending occurs–and people have no rational explanation for that phenomenon–the fallback is to blame it all on hypnosis?  Hypnosis has been blamed for just about everything, including the supposedly Svengali-like effect that Adolph Hitler exerted over the World War II public in Germany.

While there is much that can be said about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, it should be noted that–when practiced by a trained and certified hypnotherapist–hypnosis is a highly beneficial therapeutic tool that has benefited thousands if not more.  The same is true for most healing professions, including medical science itself. Because it is so poorly understood, however, hypnosis seems to take the blame for things it cannot possibly have done.

It is unfortunate that the public in general does not realize that hypnosis does not have the mind altering power attributed to it by fantastic movies and television shows.  If you have doubts about the safety and efficacy of hypnotherapy, visit our web site and check out the links we have provided.

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