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Welcome to the universe of the Your Wonderful Mind blog.  This blog is a service of 10:10 Hypnosis, LLC, the clinical hypnosis practice of Ara C. Trembly, MS, MA, ACHt, LPC, headquartered in Manasquan, NJ–at the fabulous Jersey Shore.  Ara is a licensed professional counselor and a board certified hypnotherapist offering a wide range of services designed to help produce and maintain a healthy and productive mind.  You can find out all about Ara and his professional services at www.10-10hypnosis.com

The purpose of this blog is to offer information and commentary on various aspects of mental health, emotional well-being, hypnosis, psychotherapy, brain science, and a host of other topics related to the wonderful instrument that is your mind.  It is our hope that you will find the entries interesting, inspirational, and useful in your own life–so we invite you to offer comments and suggestions for topics and discussions that will speak to your own desires and interests.  Over the next several weeks and months, we will be posting such information and commentary, but if there’s something about the mind you want to discuss, feel free to send along a comment or question at any time.  We’ll do our best to address your interests. 

Just a note on postings: We seek in all things to be respectful and helpful.  Flaming and other negative communications will not be a part of this blog.  Rather, we hope that a reasoned discourse among fans of our wonderful minds will elucidate and lift all of us to a higher level.  If we can accomplish that, we are confident that we are doing our job. 

Thanks very much for being here.  Please come back often!

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Best of luck with the blog and your practice. I liked the way you worked Norm in the comments section. So my first question is; what is the significance of the photos in the header? Are you trying to hypnotize us remotely? Concentrate on the acorn, or flower on the branch and let your mind relax … Just kidding.

    I’m firmly in the mind over matter camp having seen some spectacular demonstrations of it first hand. Good article, keep them coming.

  2. I am one of the benefactors of this hypnosis. It is very true that only those things you want to do are benefitted by hypnosis. I needed to relax and lose weight. Having gone through the sessions, I did lose weight and relaxed to the point that my blood pressure got really low. My doctor had to take me off some of it. Even improved my thyroid performance. I am a very enthusiastic supporter, recommending friends and aquaintences to consider this approach to improve what ever is bothering you.

  3. Congratulations and good luck on this new endeavor, Ara. I have read through all of your posts and found them to be very incite-full and relate-able. I look forward to reading your future posts as I add this blog to my bookmarked sites on my browser.
    Thank you!

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